De Boomgaard

De Philips Fruittuin is opgericht door Anton Philips als werkverschaffingsproject. Het is een boomgaard van 12 hectare met appel-, peren- en pruimenbomen. We telen het fruit met respect voor de natuur. Nuttige insecten bestrijden de schadelijke.

Heb je altijd al willen weten hoe het telen van fruit in zijn werk gaat? Kom een kijkje nemen achter de (wind-)schermen bijvoorbeeld tijdens een rondleiding. Bij de Philips Fruittuin is altijd iets te doen!


Established nearly 90 years ago by Anton Philips, the Philips Fruit Garden supplies healthy fruit from its twelve-hectare apple, pear and plum orchard. But the Philips Fruit Garden offers far more than just fruit. The modern pancake house on the site, De Proeftuin, serves up delicious pancakes with fantastic views over the orchard, while the farm shop (Landwinkel) sells apples and pears from the orchard, together with a wide range of artisan products from the local area. And if you're looking for an inspiring location for a get-together, Pit is the ideal meeting place amongst the greenery.

Het Groene Woud visitor centre
The Fruit Garden is located in the Green Corridor, which links Eindhoven with Het Groene Woud, placing it on various cycle and hiking routes. Children can take part in a fun and educational quest through the garden to learn everything there is to know about sustainable farming. Stadspoort Landbouw offers visitors to the Fruit Garden information about the surrounding nature reserves, while the municipality of Eindhoven uses the beautifully designed pavilion as a pilot project as part of its sustainable model for the city.

Tasty and healthy
You can pick your own apples and pears on apple-picking days. After a little outdoor work or a stroll through the orchard, you'll have earned a tasty pancake — the pancake house was voted a catering hero during the 2012 Horecava. With an English-language menu, multilingual staff and, being adjacent to the International School, the Fruit Garden welcomes many international guests. Accessibility is also great, being just a few kilometres from the motorways, five kilometres from Eindhoven airport, 700 metres from the nearest bus stop and on a pleasant cycle route from the centre of the city. As one guest put it: "What a lovely place, close to the city yet in the beautiful countryside!"


Oirschotsedijk 14a
via rotonde Achtseweg Zuid
5651 GC, Eindhoven
T: 040 - 262 14 53